Seeking contact with any station (CQ) / by jami milne

This collection was created specifically for the entrepreneurial and inventive spirit found within Gravitate.

In this three-part series, famous works of art are combined with morse code messages, creating not only new pieces of creative, but a new way in which to view the artwork.

So often, we view works of art and move on, particularly in today’s climate of constantly curating new content at greater speeds. In Seeking contact with any station (CQ)a somewhat common phrase used in morse code when trying to locate someone to listen, I wanted to create a body of work that required the viewer to participate with greater intent – viewing nuances of the original work while decoding the message it comes with. My hope is that it forces you to stop and solve for it, perhaps search for more about it afterward — creating a new relationship with something you may have viewed more flippantly previously.

The body of work is split into three sections:

– The first four use the morse code audio sounds with a message that plays off the original artwork title (some of my favorite masterpieces).

– The second set of four uses morse code dots and dashes to state the title of the original artwork (lesser known works of art).

– The last set has blocks of the original artwork showing through, while a phrase to describe the artwork can be found in the dots and dashes (these are easy ones + you should be a pro by now). 

For help decoding the work, visit for a comprehensive alphabet listing.

Framed 8x10 prints can be purchased at Gravitate for $150. For inquiries regarding unframed prints, shoot me a note at