When I set out to concept the Urban Leadership shoot this year, I dug deep. Through bright highlights and dark secrets. Through laughter and pain. Through 37 years of layers that make up who I am today — a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter. An artist and creator. I'm brave and I'm scared. I'm hopeful and I'm hurt. I cry tears of pure joy and absolute sadness, often at the same time. I have emotions woven so deeply into the thread of my being that I can't shake them if I tried. And I've tried.

The portraits this year, reflect that emotionally woven tapestry in all of us. I see young brave men and women. I see contemplative and hopeful poets. I see uncertain and strong artists. I see layers of life too complicated for most to understand. I see vibrant color and I see iconic black and white.

I am proud of this work. But more so, I am proud to add another layer of having shared space with these beautiful souls. Thank you Emily Lang and Kristopher Rollins for your unending vision to the youth, to our community, and for believing in me. And to the students of Urban Leadership: thank you for your vulnerability. And thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable with you. I believe in you.

The world is in a strange place. Find people and movements to believe in and show up for them. Please consider showing up for these students this Saturday at the RunDSM Community Showcase. It is both free and life changing.

To see the full body of work, click here.