I see you. / by jami milne

Our friendship is so woven together now that I’ve had trouble recalling lately how we first met. (It’s a funny story involving stalker-esque precision in two parking lots, complete with two fingers pointed back-and-forth between eyes, accompanied by an “I see you.” Courtney tells it best.)

I see you is still a phrase I’d use to describe our relationship. It’s less so mouthed across a parking lot and more so implied in a night-before-Thanksgiving-without-your-firstborn text.

I see you working hard to make life right — for you, for your wife, for your sons and for the many deserving communities you serve.

I see you keeping it all together, like every mom does, juggling boys and soccer balls and practices and pickups.

I see you struggling to be best, and to sometimes just be okay with being okay. (You’re both, by the way.)

I see you living a life without regret, that doesn’t come easy, but lays the foundation for transparency, honesty, authenticity. Your boys will someday thank you. My boys will someday thank you. I thank you.

I see you with Kate. I see you smiling. I see you trying as hard as you can to create a beautiful life with a beautiful human — full of life, full of adventure, full of a yard that has picture perfect lights on your evergreen trees (and a large elf). But most importantly, full of love.

It was fitting you had a plaque on your wedding day that said: you, yes you. It’s fitting that simple phrase is made up of just three words. Just like: I see you. Just like: I love you.

Both of you. Happy original wedding day, Courtney and Kate. I am as honored today to have had the privilege of sharing that most sacred space with you as I was in September.