Knowing what you're good at / by jami milne

Navigating life never ends. You simply keep going. Sometimes the road is straight. Sometimes bumpy. Sometimes it winds beautiful and sometimes it turns abruptly.

I've learned a lot about myself this past year, but particularly taking note at what I'm good at. What I'm proud to say I'm good at.

Photographing Hannah was one of those endeavors. I didn't know my artistic career would take me here. But I was so lucky I was asked if I'd consider taking these photos. I was lucky to have stumbled across paths with Hannah and I continue to marvel at how incredible she is every time I look back through these images.

I didn't know I was good at taking photographs like this — that I could capture dancers in this very personal way. But I pray, Hannah knows with her whole heart, what she's good at. Because she is good at this.