A R T & S O U L / by jami milne


The more you keep creating, the more you get to create. What began as a beautiful request from a friend to speak in her high school International Baccalaureate arts class, turned into a project of capturing young men and women at the wheel.

Each photograph is my favorite. As I'd watch each student sit down to create, my heart would swell. Each moment was unique to the artist. Each spin of the wheel and turn of the clay providing me an authentic opportunity to create alongside them.

At a time when we're consumed with all things Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, I am honored to have been a partner supporting the Arts. And I am hopeful our community will also see the value in creating a space for these young artists to continue to create. In a world of seemingly unending chaos, it feels so comforting to provide spaces full of safety, love and inspiration.  

Thank you for trusting me with your students, Dara Green. And a very heartfelt thank you to Stella Murphy, for having the courage to ask me to come speak and share to you and your peers. You helped me make sense of what I'm trying to do with my life and for that I am grateful.  

See the full set of images here