I first met Abbie Sawyer outside a favorite coffee shop earlier this summer, meeting one another to discuss her upcoming portrait shoot for the City Sounds’ ICON project. Although I had seen her on stage several times, (the most recent as the opener for Rufus Wainwright) like many circles that should entwine, the universe had yet to overlap ours.

We both believed in creating imagery that told a story you don’t find on stage. Her audience knows the crooning songstress with the soul of New Orleans in one of her band’s name and her refined vibrant vocals. But with all artists, there’s more to the story than the final production.

Have you ever worked for an idea to come? Have you paced, struggled, scribbled working toward what’s next? Have you reached the point where you stopped running and scrolling long enough to stop and think thoroughly? Have you closed your eyes and allowed the breeze to softly whisper the spark of an idea when you least expected it? You should consider giving it a try.

Abbie and I met to explore the blank canvas. The artist stripped down and vulnerable, working hard to be still and trust the process. We sat together with the quiet knowing that what we could create through the lens, was a beautiful work of art. It’s just a matter of good timing.

Thank you for trusting me with you, Abbie. As someone beautiful once sang, I’m keen on you.

You can find more portraits published in the Sept/Oct 2019 issue of dsm Magazine and at the City Sounds website here.