TO YAYOI / by jami milne

Perhaps much like you found solace and inspiration in the success of Georgia O'Keefe, here's my ode to you, Yayoi. Here's my homage to part creative | part crazy. Every dot, a representation of a new idea, a new cause, a lost cause, a lost love. A found love. For the love of art. Every circle another success and another failure. Here's to feeling on top of the world. Here's to feeling hidden. Here's to hiding on purpose. Here's to being on the top of your game and here's to feeling you've got no skin in the game. Here's to being a woman. Here's to feeling passed over. Here's to being found. Here's to making work others will steal. Here's to selling out. Here's to lines that prove age and wisdom. Here's to clarity. Here's to you, Yayoi.