Witching Hour 2017 / by jami milne

The Creative Confessional, presented in partnership with the Iowa City Downtown District and Witching Hour, was a free public portrait booth and exercise in creative intimacy.

I had originally intended to share the parting thoughts I'd asked participants to write before leaving the booth. But they were too personal. Too thoughtful. Too honest and open and intimate. I hold space for those thoughts just as I held space for those beautiful souls brave enough to sit across from me and open up to a stranger. To each and every one of you, thank you for sharing that space with me. I believe in you and your light. 

You can find a description of the Witching Hour portrait booth below. And you can find the body of work that ranged from daylight to evening and lighthearted to longing, here


Enter the booth, share your confession and have a beautiful portrait taken of you, dear creative soul.

Tell Jami, a photographer with a few creative sins of her own, about that poem you never published. The business or community project you keep thinking about starting? The person you never followed up with. The art supplies you bought but haven’t touched. The song in your heart you still need to sing out. The time you didn’t dance and wished you had.

Confess the creative endeavor you never followed through with or the idea that never came to fruition. The Creative Confessional will allow you to speak it into existence… or finally let it free.

Look for the booth in the Iowa City Ped Mall during Witching Hour 2017, Friday October 20 and Saturday, October 21.